The amazing castles of Lexington

posted on 26 Apr 2013 08:44 by vcfbreitlng
- The Castle of Lexington dominated the view on Versailles road west of Keeneland for 25 years. People stopped to take pictures, obviously abandoned, but serenely beautiful and romantic. It may have been the most photographed building in Kentucky. Rumors abound.<br>
Homebuilder Rex Martin and his bride honeymooned in France where she lost her heart to European castles. When they returned, Rex decided to build his bride a real castle, in a historic and romantic spot west of Keeneland. No one really knows what happened, but it was never finished and sat abandoned for two and a half decades until Mr. Martin passed away. Then there was the fire. Who knows.<br>
- The Castle Jewelry was founded by partners made famous in the '80's thriller The Bluegrass Conspiracy. Rumors abound.<br>
This Castle is a fine jewelry store and pawnshop. Don't raise your eyebrows. It's serious business. They recently sold a 17.49 carat, $1.2 million dollar Yellow Diamond ring to a Cincinnati Businessman. Charlie Sheen held the previous record with an 11 carat, $500 thousand dollar engagement ring he gave to Brooke Mueller.<br>
There are real celebrities who walk in the Lexington store on a regular basis.<br>
As the fastest growing privately owned jewelry chain in the country, they must be doing something right. That usually means excellent customer service and UNBEWEEVABLE prices and it's true in this case whether you're talking Wedding rings, Gold and other fine jewelry, or their huge supply of used Rolex watches. There's no Hassle at the Castle as they say.<br>
You wouldn't think of a jewelry store and a holiday destination, but if you consider how many people stop at outlet stores while on vacation, it makes sense.<br>
- The Castle Post is Kentucky's Premier Luxury Tourist Inn. Available for a night, a family dinner party or a wedding. It's a fairy tale setting.<br>
In truth it's the renovated Martin castle. Currently there is very little information. No mention of The Castle Mystery, No history, No real publicity and no ones talking. There was a fire. There was a building. Who knows?<br>