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Citizen Watch Company is known globally for their Eco-Drive Watches. The Japanese Watch Manufacturing Company is known as a Prima Donna Watch Innovator. Citizen Eco-Drive Watch Series like Skyhawk, Normandie, Calibre, Riva, Aqualand are quite a hit these days.

With an envied position and popularity like this, you must be wondering how did he eminent journey of this perfectionist Company actually commenced. Well lets rewind and unravel the history, as we know it!

It all began in 1918 when the Citizen Watch Company was formerly founded as Shokosha Watch Research Institute. The Company produced its first ever pocket watch in the 1924. The response to this pocket watch was so impressive that the then mayor of Japan-
Mr. Shenpei Goto suggested that the watch be named as Citizen as he felt it would be close to the heart of people everywhere. The Company, looking at the popularity of the watch, thus decided to rename themselves as the Citizen Watch Company.

The Shokosha Watch Research Institute was now known as Citizen Watch Company by 1930. For over eight decades, Citizen Watches have been the pioneer of innovation and ingenious technology.

Citizen Watches till date have been acclaimed for many of Worlds First:

1956- Citizen watches Innovated Worlds first ever Shock Resistant watch called Parashock. The watch was a huge hit among the watch enthusiasts worldwide.

1959- Citizen watches was back in news for its creation of the Worlds first ever Water Resistant watch called Parawater. Parawater was an instant success all over.

Citizen Watchs next breakthrough was worlds slimmest LCD watches. The watch was named as Stiletto.

Citizen then launched the worlds first ever Voice recognition panerai replica Watches Sale watch

1995- this was the year of ultimate breakthrough for Citizen watches. This year marked the evolution of Eco-Drive Technology.

Eco-Drive Technology was an eco-friendly innovation that was quite a relief in the disturbing times of Global Warming and other environmental menaces. Eco-drive Technology by Citizen Watches discards the need of battery. Eco-Drive watches solely run on light absorbed from sun or other artificial source. They do not require recharging or any other outlet power resource.

This Eco-Drive Technology by Citizen Watch Company came to be known as the worlds first Eco-Technology ever. In 1996, Eco-Drive Watches became the first Watch to be endowed with the prestigious Eco-Mark.

Citizens innovation of Eco-Drive technology was quite Panerai Watches Online an inspiration for many other Watch manufacturing companies. Various watch Manufacturers began researching for other ecological technologies to meet the competition.
The Eco-Drive watches are a hot favorite among people who admire style, technology and a little aid to the environment. The watch was perfect reminder of ecological awareness to the world. This initiative by Citizen was a thorough reminder to the to the people of taking their own little initiatives to make the Planet a better living place.

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